Penetration testing is the only means to assure your technical security.

The requirement may arise by a customer, M&A Deals, compliances, or may be proactively enhancing overall security. Whatever reason it is, we are your perfect pentest partner.

You Need To Secure Your Assets To

  • eSecurify ServicesProtect from potential data breach
  • eSecurify ServicesProtect from unwanted downtime
  • eSecurify ServicesWin your customer’s trust
  • eSecurify ServicesWin over Hackers

Discover the Advantages of eSecurify's VAPT Service

Website Security

Advanced Hybrid Approach

Combine automated scanners for swift identification of well-known vulnerabilities and in-depth manual assessments to uncover unique security challenges.

interactive reports

Interactive Reports

Tailored for developers, our security reports offer clear vulnerability explanations, actionable remedies, and relevant code snippets. This will speed up effective fixes, and bolsters security without disruptions.

Verifiable Security Certificate

Verifiable Security Certificate

Our assessment rewards you with a Security Certificate, validating your app’s robustness and enhancing trust among users, clients, and stakeholders.

Android App Security

Comprehensive Approach

We delve into all layers of your web application, from front-end user interfaces to back-end databases. This holistic approach ensures a robust and secure application architecture.

Customised Security Solutions

Customised Security Solutions

Our security solutions are tailored to your application’s specific requirements and industry standards. Whether you operate an e-commerce platform, a financial service, or a healthcare application, our experts create customised assessment plans that address your application’s distinct security challenges.

Post-Assessment Consultation

Post-Assessment Consultation

Our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals is committed to guiding you through the assessment process and beyond. Consider us your partners in maintaining a secure digital presence.

Standards & Compliances We Follow

Discovering eSecurify's Uniqueness in Web Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT):

  • Crawling
    • Surface Crawling (Unauthenticated)
    • Application Crawling (Authenticated)
    • Single Page Application (SPA) Supported
    • Javascript discovery
  • Domain Security
    • Domain / IP Blacklist Check
    • Active Homoglyph Domains Detection (For Punycode Phishing)
  • Malware Scan
    • Malicious Javascript Injections
    • SEO Spamware Detection
    • Known Backdoor Scan
  • Live Phishing Web Page Detection
    • Active Phishing Page Scan similar to target domain in scope
  • Email Security Scan
    • Missing or Misconfigured SPF Records Check
    • Missing or Misconfigured DMARC Records Check
  • DNS Security Scan
    • Subdomain Takeover
    • Same Site Scripting
  • Hosting Security Scan
    • Shared & Dedicated Hosting Detection
  • Baseline Security Checks
    • Direct IP Access
    • Is HTTPS?
    • HTTP to HTTPS Redirection?
    • WAF Detection & Bypass
    • Allowed HTTP Verb / Method Scan
    • Missing Security Headers
  • SSL Security Scan
    • SSL / TLS Outdated Version Detection
    • Heartbleed / Poodle / Logjam / Sweet32 / Breach / DROWN etc. such vulnerability detection
    • Weak Ciphers Detection
    • Expired / About to expire Certificates Detection
  • Sensitive File Fuzzing
    • for 5000+ Sensitive Files (Config, Logs, Others)
    • for 1100+ Secret Files (technology & vendor specific)
    • Backup files
    • Autobackup files
    • executable files
  • OWASP top-10 Vulnerability Testing
    • SQL Injection
    • OS Command Injection
    • Remote Code Execution
    • Local/Remote File Inclusion
    • Cross Site Scripting
    • And many others
  • CVE & Exploit Scanning
    • 2,00,000+ CVE Scanning
    • Public Exploit Scanning
  • CMS Security Scanning
    • Wordpress Security Scanning
    • Drupal Security Scanning
    • Joomla Security Scanning
    • Magento Security Scanning
  • Other Manual Vulnerability Detection
    • Privilege Escalation
    • Business Logic Vulnerabilities
    • Account Takeover Vulnerabilities
    • OAuth, OIDC, SSO related Vulnerabilities
    • Payment Manipulation Vulnerabilities
  • Asset Discovery
    • Identifying other assets of your domain
    • Identifying other assets of your brand

Our VAPT Process


Information Gathering

Threat Modeling

Vulnerability Scanning

Manual Testing







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