SOC is the only means to protect you continously from cyberattacks.

Your organization needs 24×7 Security Monitoring, not just usual “Log Monitoring” to assure your IT environment is not compromised.

You need 24x7 Monitoring to

  • eSecurify ServicesStay secure around the clock
  • eSecurify ServicesEnsure compliance with industry regulations
  • eSecurify Services Minimize the impact of a security incident
  • eSecurify ServicesPrevent financial losses due to cyberattacks

Detect, Response & Remediate Cyber Threats With eSecurify's Managed SOC

We monitor your organization’s network, endpoints, servers, and applications, using advanced security technologies such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, threat intelligence feeds, and advanced analytics.

Our Managed SOC Service includes:

  • eSecurify Services Threat Detection
  • eSecurify Services Investigation
  • eSecurify Services Incident Response
  • eSecurify Services Vulnerability Management
  • eSecurify Services Threat Hunting
  • eSecurify Services Compliance Reporting

SIEM Tools We Use

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