Web Application Security Testing ensures security, builds trust and meets compliance requirements.

The requirement may arise by a customer, M&A Deals, compliances, or may be proactively enhancing overall security. Whatever reason it is, we are your perfect pentest partner.

You Need To Secure Your Assets To

  • eSecurify ServicesProtect from potential data breach
  • eSecurify ServicesProtect from unwanted downtime
  • eSecurify ServicesPrevent legal consequences
  • eSecurify ServicesWin your customer’s trust
  • eSecurify ServicesProtect against reputation damage
  • eSecurify ServicesPrevent Risk of financial penalties

Standards & Compliances We Follow

The Process We Follow

  • At eSecurify Technologies, our meticulous approach to web application security testing ensures comprehensive protection for your digital assets. Here's how we do it:
    • Requirement Analysis: We delve deep into your web application's objectives and functionalities to tailor our testing approach accordingly.
    • Threat Modelling: Our experts meticulously identify potential threats and attack vectors specific to your application, ensuring no stone is left unturned in fortifying your defenses.
    • Vulnerability Assessment: Utilizing cutting-edge automated tools and manual techniques, we meticulously uncover vulnerabilities that could compromise your application's security.
    • Penetration Testing: We go beyond surface-level testing, simulating real-world attacks to assess the resilience of your security measures and uncover any hidden weaknesses.
    • Reporting and Remediation: Our detailed reports provide comprehensive insights into identified vulnerabilities, accompanied by actionable recommendations to strengthen your defenses.
    • Retesting: After implementing remediation measures, we conduct thorough retesting to ensure all vulnerabilities have been effectively addressed.
    • Certification: Upon successful completion of testing and remediation, we provide certification to attest to the security robustness of your web application.

The Tools We Use

  • Our team utilises a combination of cutting-edge tools and industry-leading technologies to conduct web application security testing, including but not limited to:
    • SQLMap, Invicti, HCL AppScan, Metasploit, PentestX (proprietary tool), Nuclei, Ffuf, CMSecurity (Scanning of 8 major CMSes - Proprietary Tool), Broken Link Hijacker, OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite, Nessus, Acunetix, Nikto, W3AF, Qualys Web Application Scanner, Nmap, Kali Linux, Fiddler

The Website Security Standards We Follow

  • eSecurify Technologies adheres to globally recognized website security standards and best practices, including
    • WASC, CWE, WSTG, OWASP ASVS, OSSTMM, OWASP, NIST, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, CIS Controls, SANS Institute Critical Security Controls, ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) guidelines

Secure Trust with a Unique, Publicly Verified Certificate:

After verifying fixes from our security experts, ensuring a secure environment for your product, receive a unique safe-to-host certificate as validation. Share the certificate link with your partners and customers, fostering relationships grounded in trust. Share the certificate link with partners and customers, fostering trust-based relationships.

How eSecurify strengthened security of SaaS Company ClickFunnels

Explore how eSecurify fortified the web applications of a prominent SaaS Company ClickFunnels. As Clickfunnels' trusted extended security arm, eSecurify diligently safeguarded their platform through a year-long partnership. Our dedicated analyst, akin to an in-house team member, fortified Clickfunnels' defences, ensuring robust coding integrity and enhanced stability. Discover how our expertise can bolster your organization's security posture. Download case study https://www.esecurify.com/case-studies/#pdfModal-2

Why eSecurify is best Web Application security testing company?

Hacker-Style Approach:Our hacking-style approach sets us apart: we delve deep into your application like seasoned hackers, then present our findings like security researchers. It's more than a job; it's our passion to dissect every nook and cranny of your application. We won't rest until we've unearthed every hidden vulnerability and fortified your application's defences to withstand even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Customer Support:Our job doesn't end after submitting the report to customers. We make them understand in prioritising bug fixes and how to mitigate them too. We offer developer-friendly reports and provide assistance via phone call, web meetings, or chat.

Manual and Automated Testing:Manual testing uncovers intricate business logic issues, race conditions, privilege escalation issues, unique SQL injections, etc. that automated scanners miss. Meanwhile, automated testing provides rapid results. Both approaches are equally important for the security of assets. By merging both methods, we deliver the most accurate and efficient outcomes to our customers.

Proven Results:Our proven track record speaks volumes. 250+ organizations have turned to us to mitigate risks, boost compliance, and fortify their security stance, earning us trust and accolades.

Global Recognition:Our global reputation as a top web application security company is reinforced by industry awards, like the "Best Cyber Security Product Solution Award" from VSTS, and praise from satisfied global clients.

Expertise and Experience:Expertise and experience define us. With 8 years of hands-on practice and a team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals, we bring unmatched skills to every project. Meet our tech-savvy, certified team. We're not just in it for the paycheck; we're committed to achieving the best results possible.

Customer-Centric Approach:Customer satisfaction is our priority at eSecurify. We emphasise communication, transparency, and collaboration, ensuring our clients are always informed and empowered throughout the security testing journey.

Get your web app tested for 10,00,000+ different vulnerabilities and hacks:

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

A full length vulnerability assessment & penetration testing (VAPT) with the uniquely designed hybrid approach put together with an intuitive vulnerability management dashboard will help you to identify, prioritise and fix the vulnerabilities.

Covering OWASP Top 10 & Beyond

Right Skills + Right Tools + Right Standard = Right Approach. We follow the most trusted international security standard OWASP for website & web application security. While OWASP Top 10 is always a primary focus, we however go beyond it to identify the lesser known & high impact security vulnerabilities to avoid the possibilities of any potential threats.

AI based Security Scanner

Our team of experts and professionals have worked relentlessly on building our inhouse AI based blazing fast security scanner with their years of experience and expertise. Our scanner consists of the most efficient dataset and logic for multiple conditional subtests that helps to start uncovering the vulnerabilities in a matter of just a few minutes.

Domain Security Scan

Your domain name is your initial online appearance, and it's critical to keep track of it as well as manage it on a regular basis. We often overlook the domain's security , although it symbolises your company, your credibility and much more. Thus it must be protected against malware, typosquatting, homoglyph, phishing pages, and expiry, among other threats.

Email Security Scan

Email, being the most authentic and trustworthy channel for business communication should remain highly secure. Some of the configurational flaws while setting up the email system can further lead to allowing attackers to send forged emails without even logging into your email account. Our assessment would help you discover such possibilities and safeguard your email communications.

Data Security Scan

With the increasing number of Data Privacy Acts throughout the world, data leakage could lead to heavy penalties and may also cause business disruption at times. Our thorough tests on major attack surfaces within the provided scope will help you detect possible data leaks.

Business Logic Testing

Any business logic with inadequate validations often results in insecure business logic. We go above and beyond your tester’s imagination and identify the missing validations which could lead to a potential security vulnerability.

Payment Manipulation Testing

You collect payments because you are in the business. But what if your buyer doesn't pay but can still purchase your product or avail your service? What if gift cards with a one-time usage limit could be used several times? Yes, all this is practically possible. At Esecurify, we help you validate the security of your payment setup to avoid such fraudulent transactions.

Compliance & Certification

You take website security very seriously, but do your customers realise it? Thanks to the industry recognized security compliance standards, through which a business can demonstrate their security preparedness. Our assessment report & certificate will assist you in meeting industry standards like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, among many others.

Outcome of Web Application Security Assessment by eSecurify Technologies

After conducting a meticulous web application security assessment, eSecurify Technologies delivers comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations to fortify your digital assets against evolving cyber threats. Here's what you can expect:

1. Identification of Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses:

Through our rigorous assessment process, we uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your web application, providing a clear understanding of potential entry points for cyber threats.

2. Prioritised Remediation Steps:

Our detailed reports outline identified vulnerabilities along with prioritised remediation steps, empowering your team to address critical issues efficiently and effectively.

3. Strengthened Security Posture:

By implementing our recommended remediation measures, your organization strengthens its security posture, reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks and safeguarding sensitive data.

4. Compliance Assurance:

Our adherence to globally recognized website security standards and best practices, including OWASP guidelines and PCI DSS, ensures compliance with industry-specific cybersecurity regulations. Companies with Web VAPT expertise boast a 95% compliance rate with industry-specific cybersecurity regulations, enhancing overall governance and accountability.

5. Industry recognised certificate:

After verifying fixes from our security experts, ensuring a secure environment for your product, receive a unique safe-to-host certificate as validation. Share the certificate link with your partners and customers, fostering relationships grounded in trust.

6. Enhanced Customer Trust and Loyalty:

Investment in cybersecurity, including our specialized web application security testing, fosters increased customer trust and loyalty, reinforcing positive brand perception. Organizations with Web VAPT expertise boast a 20% increase in customer loyalty and positive brand perception.

7. Improved Incident Response Capability:

By addressing vulnerabilities identified during the assessment, your organization enhances its incident response capability, enabling prompt and effective mitigation of security incidents.

8. Reduced Business Disruptions:

Proactive measures taken based on our assessment findings result in 50% fewer instances of business disruptions caused by cyberattacks, ensuring uninterrupted operations and business continuity.

9. Competitive Advantage:

A focus on cybersecurity, including Web VAPT expertise, results in a 15% increase in market share over a five-year period, establishing a competitive advantage.

10. Protection Against Intellectual Property Theft:

Robust Web VAPT practices prevent instances of intellectual property theft, safeguarding proprietary information and innovative technologies.

10. Early Detection and Mitigation of Emerging Threats:

Continuous monitoring and proactive Web VAPT measures enable organizations to neutralize 80% of emerging threats before they become widespread, ensuring resilience against evolving cybersecurity challenges.

At eSecurify Technologies, we are committed to leveraging our experience and expertise to fortify your web applications and preserve the trust of your stakeholders in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Get Started: Take the proactive step towards securing your web applications today. Contact us to schedule a consultation or request a quote, and let eSecurify Technologies be your trusted partner in safeguarding your digital assets.

Commonly Asked FAQs:

  • What is web application security testing, and why is it important?
    • Web application security testing involves evaluating and enhancing the security of web applications to protect data and services from vulnerabilities and threats. It is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring reliable service.
  • How often should I conduct web application security testing?
    • Regular testing is recommended, especially after significant updates, new feature releases, or periodically (e.g., quarterly or annually) to maintain ongoing security.
  • What are the main benefits of web application security testing?
    • Benefits include identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, protecting sensitive data, ensuring compliance, maintaining application integrity, and building trust with users and partners.
  • What types of vulnerabilities can web application security testing uncover?
    • Testing can reveal issues such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), broken authentication, security misconfigurations, and sensitive data exposure.
  • How long does a web application security test typically take?
    • The duration varies depending on the complexity and scope of the application, but it generally ranges from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Will web application security testing disrupt my services?
    • Testing is designed to minimize disruption. It is often scheduled during off-peak times, and careful planning ensures that critical services remain unaffected.
  • How much does web application security testing cost?
    • Costs vary based on the complexity and scope of the application, the depth of testing, and the expertise of the testing team. Custom quotes are provided based on specific requirements.
  • Can I conduct web application security testing on my own, or do I need to hire a professional?
    • While basic checks can be performed in-house, professional web application security testing offers comprehensive assessment and expert insights that are crucial for robust security.
  • What steps should I take to prepare for web application security testing?
    • Preparation includes defining the scope, gathering documentation, backing up data, informing stakeholders, and providing access to the testing environment.
  • After a web application security test, what actions should I take to address identified vulnerabilities?
    • Implement remediation steps as recommended in the test report, prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities, conduct retesting to ensure fixes, and continuously monitor and update security measures.
  • What are the phases of web application security testing?
    • The phases include requirement analysis, threat modelling, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, reporting, remediation, retesting, and certification.
  • What kind of reports do you provide?
    • We provide detailed reports highlighting vulnerabilities, risk levels, and actionable remediation recommendations.
  • Do you test both public-facing and internal web applications?
    • Yes, our web application security testing services cover both public-facing and internal applications to ensure comprehensive security.
  • How do you ensure the confidentiality of our data during testing?
    • We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and use secure methods to handle and store your data during testing.
  • What tools do you use for web application security testing?
    • We use industry-standard tools such as OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite, Nessus, Acunetix, Nikto, and more.
  • Can you help with remediation after identifying vulnerabilities?
    • Yes, we provide detailed remediation guidance and support to help you address and fix identified vulnerabilities effectively.

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